【Advanced Class】Bulletin Board: Family Fun Day

ロビーにアドバンスクラスのFamily Fun Dayの写真と生徒の感想文を掲示しております。

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↑ Adv5(年長クラス) Rちゃん
“On Family Fun Day we played a special red-light-green-light-game.  There are special colors like blue and purple.  Blue means hop, purple is skip, yellow is tip-toe, red is stop and green is run.  We also played ghost tag.  I liked the monster game where Christine is the monster.”

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↑ Adv4(年中クラス)Tくん
“On Family Fun Day I enjoyed the catch the tail game.  I tried to get red tails.  I got one.  I also liked the medal.  I have it at home.”

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