【Advanced Class】Science Class:Blubber Experiment

9月のMonthly Topicは「Animals」です。今月最終週のScienceクラスでは、北極圏の動物と、彼らが冬の間どのように体を温めているかについて話しました。またビデオを観て、ホッキョクグマは毛皮によって体内の温度を保ち、ペンギンはグループになって体温を維持し、ベルーガやアザラシのような動物はBlubber(脂肪)と呼ばれる厚い脂肪層を持っていることを学びました。
Our topic for the month of September is animals. For the last Science class this month, we talked about Arctic Animals and how they keep themselves warm in the winter. We watched a video and the children learned that polar bears sustain their body temperature with the help of their fur, penguins gather in groups to keep themselves warm, and animals like beluga whales and seals have a thick layer of fat called blubber.
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Blubberの役割をさらによく理解するために、簡単な実験を行いました。ボウルに水とたくさんの氷を入れて、生徒たちは氷水に素手で触れてみました。どれだけ冷たい水に手を入れていられるか頑張りましたが、みんな”It’s too cold!” 水が冷たすぎる!とのことでした。次に、2つの密封可能な袋の間にたっぷりのバターを入れ、それをBlubber Bag (脂肪袋)と呼びました。生徒たちは、片方の手は引き続き素手で、もう片方の手はBlubber bagに入れて氷水に手を入れました。みんな、Blubber bagにいれたほうの手のほうが温かいということを学びました。だからアザラシたちは氷水のなかで過ごせるんだね!みんなとても納得してくれたようです。
To further understand the purpose of blubber, we did a simple sensory experiment. We put some water and a lot of ice in a bowl and the students tried keeping their bare hands in the cold water for as long as they can. The students really tried their best to show how tough they were but all of them admitted that the water was too cold. We then put some butter in between two sealable bags and called it the blubber bag. The students put their hands in the water again, except this time, one of their hands is bare and the other is inside the blubber bag. They all commented that their hand that was bare felt too cold while the one that was in the blubber bag was warm.
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