Chiami Suzuki

Hello, everyone! My name is Chiami and I am a billingual teacher at Mulberry. I speak Japanese, English and German since my father is Swiss, and my mother, Japanese. I spent my young childhood in Kyoto, and later on moved to Switzertland, to a small village deep in the mountains. My experience in teaching and managing at an English School and raising two boys myself made me realize that working for children and being around them is what I really want to do. I hope we can laugh and make great moments together at Mulberry International School!





Charmae Ramos

It’s a pleasure to meet you all, my name is Charmae. I’m a qualified teacher from the Philippines, and have taught in nursery schools and elementary schools in the Phillipines. I have lived in Japan for over 10 years now, and have taught English to all age groups. I love children, and I hope children enjoy learning English through my fun lessons.





Christine Escano

Hello, everyone! My name is Christine, and I am from the Philippines. I have been teaching English in Tokyo for over 3 years, and mainly focused in phonics and eiken test preparations. I have a passion for music and have been singing since before I can remember. Currently I sing and play the keyboard in a band, and I also do lots of singing in my lesson. I cannot wait to get to know all of you!


こんにちは!フィリピン出身のクリスティンです。 3年前に来日してから、主にフォニックスや英検対策をメインに英語を教えてきました。私は歌うことが大好きです!オフの日にはバンドで歌ってキーボードを弾いています。レッスンでもたくさんお歌を取り入れています。マルベリーでみんなに会えるのを楽しみにしています!



Monica Pradeep

Nice to meet you, I am Monica. I was born and raised in the Bangalore, India. I am a mother to two boys, and I have also taught children between the ages 2-5. I enjoy songs, art and recreational games to introduce fun and energizing teaching methods. I am excited about teaching in the Mulberry School environment. See you soon!


はじめまして。インド出身のモニカです。インドのバンガローで育ちました。二人の子どもの子育てをしながら、主に2歳から5歳のこどもを中心に教えた経験を持ちます。今度は、マルベリーでたくさんの子供たちの英語教育をサポートすることを楽しみにしています。 私はたくさんの歌、創作、楽しいアクティビティやゲームを通じて、元気に英語を学んでもらうことを目指していますので、 ぜひマルベリーに遊びに来てください!



Yuka Osawa

Hello, my name is Yuka. I was born in Japan and spent my childhood in California. I attended an International School in Tokyo after returning to Japan. I am a trilingual in English, French and Japanese. My experiences with learning alnguages has led me to be interested in language acquisition and bilingual education, and I am currently studying to obtain a certificate of TEYL (Teaching English to Young Learners) while teaching preschool/elementary classes here at Mulberry International School!


小学校をサンフランシスコで過ごし、帰国後は高校卒業までインターナショナルスクールで過ごしました。国際基督教大学卒業後はフランスに住み、英語・仏語・日本語のトライリンガルです。幼少期の経験によりバイリンガル教育に興味を持ちました。今は幼児~小学生クラスを担当しながらTeaching English to Young Learners(TEYL)の資格を勉強しています。よろしくお願いします!



Ruxandra Florea

Hello, my name is Ruxandra. I was born and raised in beautiful Romania. I am currently pursuing further studies in politcs and economics. While my studies, I also want to build career in teaching English to children. I love children, and interacting with them. My aspiration is to nurture foreign language development in children. I would like to contribute to the early childhood education, as I see they are great learners and so creative. I am looking forward to meeting you at Mulberry!